About Art N Kookies

I create works of art from the living room of a little house in Sydney, Australia. It's pretty much a mini farm with chooks (The Three Bucketeers), Kookie the cav (yes, this whole business is named after him), and way too many veggie patches. Can I claim the artworks are organic too? 😂

Aside from the furred and feathered, the team consists of two humans: Natalie and Nara. Natalie (that's me!) has been painting for 10+ years, painted too many pictures of Kookie and then started painting other people's furbabies. That's how this whole thing started.

Nara (she's camera shy) is an all-round superstar helper. She was asked to write this About Us page and here's what she came up with:

We're two sisters and an adorable cavvie from Australia, making it our mission to capture your magical memories. Can't think of anything else to write.

So yeah, that's us.

We also did a little interview with Bonza Dog Treats here.

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Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Hand-crafted fine art cards created from original watercolour designs with blank space on the inside...